Solidaritet med Ukraina!

Kvinnoorganisationer i Europa stödjer kvinnor i Ukraina i kampen för fred och oberoende. Svenska KAF ingår självklart i detta nätverk! Läs vad Presidenten för University Women in Europe och Kvinnor i Litauern skriver!

UWE Presidentbrev

Lithuanian University Women’s Association (LUWA) invites Lithuanian and world women to unite, show solidarity and support Ukrainian women, mothers, sisters and their families.
We, who have lived in a Russian-occupied country for many years, know what freedom means, the peace for which Ukrainians are now sacrificing their lives. We support their bravery to the best of our ability. Let us understand that they are not only defending the freedom of Ukraine, they are defending Europe from a barbarian invasion. We wish Ukraine endurance, hope and great success in the fight against barbaric Russia. We, Let us announce to the world the consequences of Russia’s aggression and call for peace. Let us watch for the preservation of peace in Europe, in the world!
Lithuanian women, are and will be together!